Student life…..Ahhhh

I wish I was a student again, not just because I think they have the easy life but because I want to learn more.

My first degree I worked hard, I also had a lot of fun.

This is most peoples problems I think, people have too much fun and not enough work and they get good grades but not enough learning.

I want to learn more!! about food and art and textiles, I want to have a skill not just a jumble of half skills.

I want to tell people “hey! I’m an illustrator/textiles designer/chocolate maker (mmm)

I’m sure I could do all those things if I tried but I just need the motivation and more importantly the deadlines to create a real working life for myself.

Instead of the odd, I’m not sure what I’m doing, do I even have a skill type of jobs I have at the moment.


5 things ive thought

I haven’t done one of these posts for a while which is odd coz ive been thinking ALOT!!!

and yet ive been seriously selfish and not shared it with you…. naughty me.

so let the games begin

5. work, my job has drastically changed in the last month ive gone from being bpart of a large pachine to being a rather large cog in a smaller machine.

im enjoying it so much and gaining lots of valuble do’s and don’t’s for my own business but its defiantly taking the energy out of me.

4. felt I’ve never felt the attraction to this material always opting for traditional fabrics and never being able to find nice soft felt in Swansea.

but I bought a batch from craft cloud this week and I’m loving it!! no fraying no curving so I can sew easier its so versatile.

3. which leads me onto making felt, I dabbled with this while in uni but I never kept it up.

but now!! with Wonderwool around the corner and felty goodness to find I’m on it!!

2. me and my partner are approaching our one year anniversary and I love every bit of it, I’ve never had one before and its such a nice feeling so I’ve been day dreaming about him a lot this week .

1. making!!! I’ve been making again and its great!! never felt so creative when life knocks you around a bit it can seem like the things you love get put on hold and the things that need to be done take over and aren’t so fun at all.

but now with a nice balance between work and creativity I am back with a spring!!!


Well hasn’t it been a while

Id say I’m sorry for not being on here much but……

I’m not!! As the reason is because I’ve started making again and I’m loving it.

unfortunately everything went out the window.

but now I’m here I’m back and I’m raring to go ( is that how you spell it?)

I did miss you all and as a welcom back pressie here are some pics of what I’ve been doing!!


via WordPress for Phone http://goo.gl/j6Fzhf


5 things I’ve thought

This weeks has been so busy I’m not sure how ive had time to think one thing never mind 5 but I have got a few little musings.

5. Post Christmas exercise, we all know the feeling the jeans are a little tighter and the cakes look a little more tempting.

But my swimming cossie is waiting and Its starting soon, or just as soon as I have a day off work!!

4. I love my new job!!! Its like the old one but better, happier and more what I want to do and I cant wait till the brownie making training!!

3. Looking good and feeling better is very much a theme this year, last year I was stuck with a job that suppressed peoples individuality and personal scent! But I’m off now just have to remember how this mascara stuff works.

2. Crafty time, New job stuff again I know I keep ranting on about it but the shift pattern means I have 4 days off a week!!! Plenty of crafty time for me to get down to making clothes!!

1. Which leads onto my first project…..KNICKERS!!

Come back soon for more updates.


5 things I’ve thought!!!


coffee and cake and a think

So this is going to be my other regular column.


More spcificaly, what’s been on my mind alot this week, much like the most talked about bit on a website.

However this is going to be things that anger me, things I want to make, things I love, things I want to have and the amazing things I do have and are thankful for.

All rolled neatly together into my top 5.

So here we go!

5. work, more specifically my wonderful plan to set up my own business, I’ve spend many an hour walking to and from work the last 2 weeks and in that time its been perfect thinking and day dreaming time for my own café business. This has if anything made me more determined to get it going!

WP_20140910_0024. Walking. when me and my partner were dating we went to loads of wonderful places like……….wonder wool!! yes I did drag him there, however the point is that we have settled into this life in our new flat and don’t seem to leave it anymore. so this week I have forced him and myself to leave the house and go for a walk in the park (which is only round the corner) its lovely and we have taken lots of pictures!


3. my logo, Or name of my blog. I love the name Elephants Hankie, but I have a deep un-trust for graphic designers. it may be some of my fault but I’ve had very bad experiences, lack of communication, not making deadlines and not to mention the neon fiasco!!! and all when I’m a paying customer!!! so I am working on my own logo to host proudly at the top of my blog.

2. Jars, I’m completely still in the mason jar phase! I love them and I now have most of my family collecting the pretty ones for my ever growing button collection but I’ve found the tiny little jam ones I use in my work so cute I want, no, need them in my life and have been thinking of how…….. more on this next week!!

1. For my first “5 thinks I’m thinking” post I think its only fitting that my number 1 has been my blog, I’ve been checking stats like I’m baking a cake without a timer and I am constantly looking for things to write about, luckily right now I have lots to say but I hope that my inspiration will last much longer than my first week!

So there we have it the most thought about things in my brain this week, and I cant wait to think more and write more and see you all next week for another 5 things, well hopefully