Student life…..Ahhhh

I wish I was a student again, not just because I think they have the easy life but because I want to learn more.

My first degree I worked hard, I also had a lot of fun.

This is most peoples problems I think, people have too much fun and not enough work and they get good grades but not enough learning.

I want to learn more!! about food and art and textiles, I want to have a skill not just a jumble of half skills.

I want to tell people “hey! I’m an illustrator/textiles designer/chocolate maker (mmm)

I’m sure I could do all those things if I tried but I just need the motivation and more importantly the deadlines to create a real working life for myself.

Instead of the odd, I’m not sure what I’m doing, do I even have a skill type of jobs I have at the moment.


Patterns Pinterest sharing

Another day another blog and today its all about patterns!!!

After studying surface pattern in university I have a great fondness for patterns and printing and all things drawn really.

This board was designed to fill me with inspiration of the degree that’s hardly used just dusted once a while on a high shelve.

I have started drawing again and would love for it to become something like these pins….we will have to see I’m sure!


5 Things

another week and another mind full of thoughts to think. and here I will share my top 5.

5. my business. this week my workplace (which shall remain nameless lets just say its a coffee shop) has gone through some huge changes, no ………HUGE changes, and that makes anyone think. I want to be my own boss in the future I want to be the one making those HUGE¬† changes and seeing them impact my life. so I’ve ploughed some good working hours into my plan which is almost finished and I’m looking to the future. SavedPicture-201498113445.jpg

4. workshops. I’ve always had an idea to be a teacher since I was very little and now its popped back into my head again in the form of workshops, teaching people to knit, crochet or sew would be very rewarding and I’m making notes on places and projects I’m just not sure if Swansea is ready for me! InstagramCapture_a75ea5e3-885a-42ba-9190-4958a8aa8866_jpg

3. we have all had the flu recently and while going through my craft cupboard I found some old hankies I bought in a charity shop a while back (yes I know I try not to think about it too much). I see a project in the future and it involves these cute little things. WP_20140930_004

2.sprucing up my wardrobe. I have bought 3 books on making your own clothes and have started making some tops and blouses, first attempt looks good but doesn’t fit. watch this space I’m not giving up yet!

and 1. Christmas pressies, I’ve been making and searching for a while now, I’m not sure in domestic bliss has turned me into my mum or I just love Christmas even more now but I have started making pressies, decorations and looking for recipes for cakes. I can wait but I’m not going to bore everyone with it just yet!!