Joining forces

So a while ago I was all “dolls dolls dolls!”

I have a huge love for dolls they are the owners personality in a beautifully constructed miniature and I think they are just beautiful.

unfortunately my imagination just could get enough speed to finish them or make their stories.

but now I gave joined forces with an illustrator!!

he can actually take my dolls and make their back story come alive.

not only that but he has some great ideas for characters which I can bring off the page and give personalities!!

the possibilities are endless!! And the friends we can make are just right.

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Etsy confidence

Etsy is a scary wonderful place full of people with really expensive cameras who know what they are doing.

I want to be one of them but I don’t have a camera and I don’t know what Im doing.

I know how to make a coffee or sew the hem on some trousers.

but I want to know more than that I want to sell my things but I never think they are good enough.

so this isent a post its more like a cry for help!!


Well hasn’t it been a while

Id say I’m sorry for not being on here much but……

I’m not!! As the reason is because I’ve started making again and I’m loving it.

unfortunately everything went out the window.

but now I’m here I’m back and I’m raring to go ( is that how you spell it?)

I did miss you all and as a welcom back pressie here are some pics of what I’ve been doing!!


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5 things I’ve thought

This weeks has been so busy I’m not sure how ive had time to think one thing never mind 5 but I have got a few little musings.

5. Post Christmas exercise, we all know the feeling the jeans are a little tighter and the cakes look a little more tempting.

But my swimming cossie is waiting and Its starting soon, or just as soon as I have a day off work!!

4. I love my new job!!! Its like the old one but better, happier and more what I want to do and I cant wait till the brownie making training!!

3. Looking good and feeling better is very much a theme this year, last year I was stuck with a job that suppressed peoples individuality and personal scent! But I’m off now just have to remember how this mascara stuff works.

2. Crafty time, New job stuff again I know I keep ranting on about it but the shift pattern means I have 4 days off a week!!! Plenty of crafty time for me to get down to making clothes!!

1. Which leads onto my first project…..KNICKERS!!

Come back soon for more updates.



Yes you heard me those pesky pretty undergarment is my starting point for my clothes making adventure!!!!

Makes sense when you think about it really.

I did also buy the new Mollie makes special about sewing and that little pattern in the back had my heart strings going.

So this week in slightly out of action as my new job is taking over.

Satarday I’m buying a gold fish!!! Caked me fish or Freddie not sure which yet.

But if you joins me next week I will be flashing you my brand new undies (don’t worry I wont model no one deserves that!!)


Stitching in the kitchen

So I’ve been going on about my new life, new job, new me!!

And of course a new hobby comes into this too.

Making and stitching have been loves of mine since the s club 7 days and lasted a bit longer than they did I’m glad to say.

My first project has been these little samplers, not sure what to use them for they are cute and I just cannot bare to give them away.

So ideas please and when I have a purpose for these little things I will crack out the squared paper and start drawing!!

I’d live to design some myself and although I love the craftsism girls I think they are missing a trick.

There is so much more this craft can create and I want to explore it to the full.