Joining forces

So a while ago I was all “dolls dolls dolls!”

I have a huge love for dolls they are the owners personality in a beautifully constructed miniature and I think they are just beautiful.

unfortunately my imagination just could get enough speed to finish them or make their stories.

but now I gave joined forces with an illustrator!!

he can actually take my dolls and make their back story come alive.

not only that but he has some great ideas for characters which I can bring off the page and give personalities!!

the possibilities are endless!! And the friends we can make are just right.

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Of cabbages and kings

I want to draw again.

 I have images of kids parties,sandwiches in clingfilm and summer fates.

I also need to let lose my collection of things, I collect things, nothing spcific that wouldn’t be fun.

photos from Edwardian times, lace doilies, tacky 70s buttons and letters from the front not to mention the range of broken plastic cameras!

isn’t it sad that we don’t get to draw more as adults or paint it was a daily activity like checking emails and opening letters.

I want to paint more and I’m gonna start on my very next day off!!

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5 things ive thunk

Ok so think isent a real word but its a very nice one!!

And we begin

5 new work nerves, you know when you think your work is good…. Like Steve jobs good and you don’t know if you want to show anyone incase the pinch it and become billionaires on your idea!! Yeah that’s!! I love my sketches but I’m still protective parent over them.

4.i have too much wool, there I said it, I have a problem.

and unfortunately I want more but have told myself I cant until my current lot is gone. so grannie squares galore and blankets around the house I am crocheting my heart out, there may even be a present or two in the making. SavedPicture-201492312333.jpg

3. last years resolution I really thought about, I wanted to learn to crochet. and I did I made a Pinterest board and bought a book and I am not a happy hooker!! well we can work on the name. so this year what I promise to learn is just as important as I want to develop my skills and learn something new, knickers making was an option but finally its down to embroidery or printing? what do you think?

2. my sketch books are getting full I’ve even started a new one and I cant wait to get on with making some of my ideas, unfortunately life seems to get you down sometimes and I’m feeling a serious creative block at the moment.

another great way to start the year I feel!!!

and 1. IT’S CHRISTMAS!!!!! if you haven’t met me before I am the more excitable person about Christmas you will ever meet I love it!!! SavedPicture-201412212228.jpg

I love my family time and my tree, I love that I have a new part to my family this year and I love giving presents that I know my family will like, even if its a very expensive time of year the feeling of Christmas is priceless.

so merry Christmas and I hope to see you all soon


Patterns Pinterest sharing

Another day another blog and today its all about patterns!!!

After studying surface pattern in university I have a great fondness for patterns and printing and all things drawn really.

This board was designed to fill me with inspiration of the degree that’s hardly used just dusted once a while on a high shelve.

I have started drawing again and would love for it to become something like these pins….we will have to see I’m sure!


The beginnings of Elephants hankie

Let me tell you a story…..

As I am currently getting a logo designed for my little blog I think its only fair I explain the name in a bit more depth.

Its not a long story but its all about adventure and sewing!!

Are you sitting comfortably?

Good, then i’ll begin…

Once when I had an amazing love of all thing ancient and adventurous, when things were good and life had not yet taken too much spark, I would draw for hours.

One day I drew a hot air balloon with dreams of flying away. You know the kind with cloth and lots of rope and sandbags, and utterly inappropriate camouflage, And most importantly a huge cloth holding the balloon in place over the basket.

I imagined going on am adventure in my balloon with beautiful red checkered pattern.

As with most things my mind will think of 6 different things apparently with no connection to the original thought, very quickly and this is exactly what happened.

From hot air balloons to handkerchiefs and then thinking who is big enough to have a hankie that big!!

And there we have it, from a simple adventurous drawing to trying to imagine how big an elephants hankie would be.




The Lost Journal

I have a problem….. Notebooks.

I love then i cant get enough of them i buy a new one and never finish the old one, or i get anoyed when the ideas in one don’t work and i put it away.

I don’t just mean a few notepads… Oh no i means 40 or 50 dotted around the place.

Plain paper, lined paper, sketch ones and writing ones, watercolour, prints, some are cut out some are just covers with scraps of paper i even went though a phase of using old reading books as sketchbooks (which is a really liberating experience trust me!)

So this week i decoded to look through one or two and found last years ideas book.

Its amazing how only last January i was making and creating i was really flowing with ideas.

Life cab really knock the stuffing out of you and the consequences was this book full of ideas shoved in a cupboard to gather dust.

With mainly doll patterns and little musings in it i decided it was time to let it out into the world again.

So i made one of the dolls, a cute little rabbit and im gonna make more and more and when ive made them all……. Ill open another journal!!