Shrink plastic anyone?

I have just ordered shrink plastic.

its one of those impulse purchases that I’ve been thinking about for years…. Maby not that impulsive then.

I have loads of little drawings and whatnots thoughts and type faces that I would love to make into tiny pieces and pretty things.

but short of paying a company to print them onto something in a bulk order of a million pieces I had no way of transferring them from sketchbook to fashion piece.

I have long been a fan of tatty divine jewellery and its inspired me to speculate The £7.50 and go for it!!

results to come!!

also if you would like to see what harm idea I’m thinking today then search Elephants Hankie on pinterest and twitter!!

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Will you be my ticket?

WP_20150203_007Don’t you just love finding boxes of treasures, especially when they are your treasures, packed away too long ago to remember and left to be forgotten.

Then in one of those cleaning spurs that if your like me only happen once every 6 months(so much for spring cleaning)  you find a small box full of things you did years ago and the creativity comes out again!!!

This is my latest, I little piece of inspiration heaven from way back when I loved the work I made.

me and my dolls have fallen out, and even though your meant to share your progress on blogs I’m sure I think its important to let people know I’m human too.

too many blogs and magazines show you the people who made it, the success stories, and of course its incredibly inspiring to know someone has made it a career to make, create and blog about the whole process.

but some of us feel stuck more than inspired, they have to work in a boring job more than what they love, and are completely terrified of the “quite the day job” stories.

so little box of goodies….will you be my ticket?


The Lost Journal

I have a problem….. Notebooks.

I love then i cant get enough of them i buy a new one and never finish the old one, or i get anoyed when the ideas in one don’t work and i put it away.

I don’t just mean a few notepads… Oh no i means 40 or 50 dotted around the place.

Plain paper, lined paper, sketch ones and writing ones, watercolour, prints, some are cut out some are just covers with scraps of paper i even went though a phase of using old reading books as sketchbooks (which is a really liberating experience trust me!)

So this week i decoded to look through one or two and found last years ideas book.

Its amazing how only last January i was making and creating i was really flowing with ideas.

Life cab really knock the stuffing out of you and the consequences was this book full of ideas shoved in a cupboard to gather dust.

With mainly doll patterns and little musings in it i decided it was time to let it out into the world again.

So i made one of the dolls, a cute little rabbit and im gonna make more and more and when ive made them all……. Ill open another journal!!