Joining forces

So a while ago I was all “dolls dolls dolls!”

I have a huge love for dolls they are the owners personality in a beautifully constructed miniature and I think they are just beautiful.

unfortunately my imagination just could get enough speed to finish them or make their stories.

but now I gave joined forces with an illustrator!!

he can actually take my dolls and make their back story come alive.

not only that but he has some great ideas for characters which I can bring off the page and give personalities!!

the possibilities are endless!! And the friends we can make are just right.

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Stitching in the kitchen

So I’ve been going on about my new life, new job, new me!!

And of course a new hobby comes into this too.

Making and stitching have been loves of mine since the s club 7 days and lasted a bit longer than they did I’m glad to say.

My first project has been these little samplers, not sure what to use them for they are cute and I just cannot bare to give them away.

So ideas please and when I have a purpose for these little things I will crack out the squared paper and start drawing!!

I’d live to design some myself and although I love the craftsism girls I think they are missing a trick.

There is so much more this craft can create and I want to explore it to the full.


Happy new year

Hello again,

Is everyone chrismased out yet?

Well I am almost and thinking of the last year and the year to come. A new and exciting idea and I cant wait to start.

Last time I said my new years resolution would be embrodiery and that is very interesting, but I need new clothes too…..

I am always looking for something to wear and never have anything, the typical girl problem I know.

But with a new job, happy life, and much more time to spend on myself I think a bit of dressing up is in order.

2015 is the year of smelling good (anyone else get a ton of smellies for Christmas?) looking fabulous and generally feeling quite pretty.

So I’m expanding my new years resolution, I’m going to sew!!!

Last year I gave it a go and after one nice top and a disastrous blouse which would have fit my boyfriend better than me I kinda gave up.

I know I’m awful!!

So I’m in it, dedicated and need a new wardrobe…….
skirts first I think!!!

tell me your new years resolution in the comments!!!!


Its the little things

Christmas really is my favourite time of year, and its not just the presents and the merriment but its the little things you don’t tend to notice too much.

Things like left behind gloves and hats and scarfs and people being so grateful when you give them back.

The blaring Christmas music I heard from the subway sandwich store before the had opened.

The snippets of weather conversation.

Brightly coloured coats and matching gloves.

Mittens, just mittens.

And not to mention the grumpy humbug in the market forced to wear the Santa hat.

It really is tiny things that are gone in an instant that make this season so amazingly warm and friendly and not just the presents.

Although they help too.

Merry Christmas everyone and ill see you after the big day!!


pinterest sharing

So this week I’ve been thinking I should share some of my ideas with you all.

And what better way than Pinterest.

I’ve had my account for about 2 years and I’m very proud of some of the boards I’ve made and developed over that time. so over the next 7 days I’m going to choose my favourite seven and share them with you.

I’ve been thinking a lot about my future so this first one is all about my dream future.

as far as I’ve been able I have re pined photos with their original tags and links but some may not have their original link.

hope you enjoy!!


my lost childhood

ok so the name sounds a little extreme I actually had a lovely childhood full of garden birthday parties and frog shaped jelly.

but what I would have loved to have been, was a brownie.

they are the adventurers of our age, the girls guides who bravely go camping in an age where no girl can leave without their straighteners.

And most importantly I want a brownie badge, i currently have a land girls badge which is a treasured possesion but those beautiful embroidered ones with the crocked shapes inside, I want to earn them like all little girls did and wear them with pride.

I think this should be  place in any young girls childhood, to go to brownies and learn to build a tent but unfortunately I am one of the odd ones out and it may just haunt me forever!!

so to adjust to this I have made a Pinterest board of all the badges I would have liked and possibly some a little out of even my reach!! I’m sure there is a crafty project here somewhere so stay tuned.