I never thought I could love a drink as much as I love coffee!

 Honestly it’s like a hug for your senses when your not feeling too great.

I would love to set up my own little coffee shop and just give it for free to anyone who looked a but peeky….

unfortunately giving things away for free never got anyone a business so I guess ill have yo charge you.

the city I live in seems oblivious yo good coffee as well as adventurous food and interesting films.

any ideas where a country living subscription holder can move to find herself?

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Coffee number 3!

This one is at home with my mum.

Last of my special Christmas blend espresso in my special owl mug that my best friend got me.

Me and mum bought a panini from the one shoe cafe and delved into lunch.



My day off in coffee

I am a coffee monster!!

Nothing I love more than a lovely warm cup is milky 3 sugared coffee and I thought as this week is slow on the making progress I would share my cups with you.

Number one in the cafe I work in, steam in uplands, Swansea.

Little dash of vanilla really sets this Italian dark road off instead of sugar.

Don’t forget the lemon and ginger cake, I would have taken a picture but I ate it……. Ops


Tea Cups and Dreams


I admit it is quite unusual to write about something your not fond of, especially when that something makes your nose wrinkle when you drink it no matter how many sugars you take and you prefer the alternative.

however, I am in love with tea, or should I say the idea of tea.

I love the service, the pots and accessories that come with it, the variety, the builders brew and the beautiful tea cups. I just love the idea that during all the hard times this country has had this little cup of leaves has seen us through everything, and is still going strong!

well depending on how you drink it lol

so I thought id share my pinterest tea board, and although I am not one of you I admire the tea drinkers very much!!.