The great British outdoors!!

my partner is a country boy, no doupt denying it.

I thought I was a city girl, and that suited me just fine.

but strangely I have found myself sitting in parks, listening to silence.

a copy of country life found its way into my basket at the book shop.

I love the little village we live in and would like it to be smaller without the kfc.

and I want a farm….

I realise I’m probably not cut out just yet to raise at dawn and take on pigs but I starting to find the idea of living in a city really……. Boring.

I also want to make things, jams, soap, chocolate, relish, chilli powder, fresh fried eggs and warm soft bread.

happiness is everything in this world and the dream of opening my curtains to a spall farm garden with a few chickens and a pig pen makes me grin from ear to ear.

so…. Country life how do I subscribe?!?!

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Oh I’ve been terible!!

Haven’t I just!!

Its been over a week since I last posted anything and I’m an awful human being.

There is so much to tell you too, like my new Mrs Beatons home management book and how I have had 7 coffees in one day, how my partner is some kind of bread making genius and how I’ve become a doll making maniac.

Ohhh what to start with?

Well we could do a photo of the week I suppose…

WP_20150120_002This is it!! and it has nothing to do with me!!

My partner has started bread making and yes this one (his first attempt) looks like some kind of lost planet but I don’t think he realises how unbelievably proud of him I am. my bread always looked like bricks and you could have built a house out of a few!!

But he seems to have a Maidus touch with bread so I am sharing his skills.

Ok soppy bit over.