Well, that escalated quickly!

I have stock, as in products! I actually have things I have made which I can put up for sale.

I may sound shocked at this and I probably am as I just looked in my “finished” box and there are loads!

The problem is now that I don’t have a decent camera and even if I did how do I take photographs of products?

To Mollie makes!! for inspiration.

It just seems so complicated making things, taking good photos, getting them online, describing them correctly, packaging, business cards, blogging, updating, sharing, linking and then sitting staring hopefully at the screen waiting for someone to buy one.

The last time I started something like this I rushed and then ended up in this horrible place where I was desperately putting up posts of half finished frankly rubbish pieces to make my site look full.


This time i’m going to hide under a blanket until my work is finished then I might peek out lol


Etsy confidence

Etsy is a scary wonderful place full of people with really expensive cameras who know what they are doing.

I want to be one of them but I don’t have a camera and I don’t know what Im doing.

I know how to make a coffee or sew the hem on some trousers.

but I want to know more than that I want to sell my things but I never think they are good enough.

so this isent a post its more like a cry for help!!


Keeping up appearances

Oh my keeping up a blog is alot harder than one thought!

ok I can’t keep that posh voice up but still. People say that blogging is a full time job and I never believed them.

well consider me a believer!! Its been years since my last post and I don’t even remember what it was!

my only excuse is becoming more creative and being on my game with everything else in my life, blogging just had to take a back seat.

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Retro vs vintage

I love vintage! Always have.

my favourite era is the 40-50’s the glamour the romance…… The men in uniform yum.

but I’ve been drawn to the work kitch and its involved me in the “retro” word of the 70’s.

Comic books, bright colours and outrageous patterns which before I found kinda foul I now want to pick up and stroke.

so where does vintage stop and retro start? And as we progress into the noughties are they going to change?

are the 60’s going to become vintage and the 40’s positively ancient?

id love to know what everyone else thinks and what era you all love!!

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Turn your hobby into a business review

I don’t often do reviews of books although I feel I might start as I have a fair amount of craft books and a very stong opinion on what makes it a good one.

on visiting my local book shop I found this little gem, country living magazine have brought out this editorial and it is a treat for anyone wanting to day dream about a different type of life.

any homely, country loving, nostalgic business you could think off from a sweet shop to a dogs hotel is here with great advice for starting a progressing said business.

at £7.99 I also feel like I’ve fleeced them and feel like going back and shaking the owners hand for selling it to me in the first place.

to all my lovely readers out there if you have ever taken a weekend away and stopped outside a cozy tea room, found a home made jar of honey or just marvelled at the beautiful british countryside and wondered “could I?” this book makes it all seem possible.


Sharing and caring

Making again makes me happy I cant even explain how much when I take pictures of my little badges I really feel proud.

only thing I’m always worried about is people stealing my ideas.

I work hard to think of fun unique ideas and for someone to come along and take credit is really disheartening.

however I trust you lot and I’m hoping that when sharing these I will get some good feedback and open my blog to alot more people interested in what I’m doing.

id love some feedback and please tell me honestly what you think

thanks xx

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5 things ive thought

I haven’t done one of these posts for a while which is odd coz ive been thinking ALOT!!!

and yet ive been seriously selfish and not shared it with you…. naughty me.

so let the games begin

5. work, my job has drastically changed in the last month ive gone from being bpart of a large pachine to being a rather large cog in a smaller machine.

im enjoying it so much and gaining lots of valuble do’s and don’t’s for my own business but its defiantly taking the energy out of me.

4. felt I’ve never felt the attraction to this material always opting for traditional fabrics and never being able to find nice soft felt in Swansea.

but I bought a batch from craft cloud this week and I’m loving it!! no fraying no curving so I can sew easier its so versatile.

3. which leads me onto making felt, I dabbled with this while in uni but I never kept it up.

but now!! with Wonderwool around the corner and felty goodness to find I’m on it!!

2. me and my partner are approaching our one year anniversary and I love every bit of it, I’ve never had one before and its such a nice feeling so I’ve been day dreaming about him a lot this week .

1. making!!! I’ve been making again and its great!! never felt so creative when life knocks you around a bit it can seem like the things you love get put on hold and the things that need to be done take over and aren’t so fun at all.

but now with a nice balance between work and creativity I am back with a spring!!!