Wonderwool love

last weekend I went to the wonderwool wales festival in the cute little village of Bilth Wells.

My mind is blown!!

I not only have my own money for once but I also had to buy bits and bobs for another lady who is just as barmy as me!!

Its a feast every year and this year it did not dosapoint, after buying some so so soft angora wool from big wigs angora I had a drop spinning class (results of that to come) and bought some roving to make your heart stop from the Pembrokeshire alpaca shop.

Then I met the lovely people at toft alpaca.

after becoming a bit star struck at meeting the lady who made the original patterns and naming all the animals she had on the table I got a grip realised I am 26 years old not 6 and bought enough yarn to make 3 more animals!!

needless to say I am going to be busy for a while and have enough ideas to last till next years event!

All you knitters or nutters I  cannot recomend this weekend enough!!

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Photos of the week

Long week this new job is wearing me out and I’m not helping myself.

However I am making more and I did lots of work on my own business plan which is all very positive.

Lots of own house talk too id love yo decorate my own perfect house.

So to the photo of the week.

I got this book for Christmas off my partner and I love the idea of a whole zoo of characters. I’m starting simple with this rabbit (called Emma).


Almost December

http://www.pinterest.com/elephantshankie/my-life/pinWe are almost there, and before everyone’s posts become sickeningly festive (I honestly can’t wait) I wanted to just throw this one in.

This year is one of those life changers. The ones you don’t realize have happened until its gone.

I have a blog and a developing love of making again. I have love and happiness at home and confidence in life.

I have a plan!

And don’t we love it when a plan comes together.


My perfect home Pinterest


So keeping with the future thinking theme here is my perfect home board.

This one has changed quote dramatically since the beginning of this year, back then I wanted a flat and to be “cool”, now I crave more of a family housewife kinda future with a dog and a toaster and a fence and stuff.

And of course children…

So there are old ideas and new ideas but all of which I adore, thankfully the flat I’m in now doesn’t look too different from these pins so I’m on the right track!!!





lets start again, I think I’ve got the hang on this stuff now and with a few expert tips I’m sure ill be fine!!

if anyone wants to give me more advice mind I wont say no, right now im listening to king of the road which is quite a funny sung when you really listen and not exactly blog writing music.

InstagramCapture_42b8789e-f461-48d1-8f83-c82973319231_jpgright now I’m making these little things and thinking that maybe they would make a good first project post. pattern on the way guys!