All About Me

Well Hello There!!

I’m Amy-May, Biscuit eater, jam maker, crochet flower constructor, general hyper person, fixer, maker, and every so often ill take a picture of two.

This blog has taken a long time to be created, tears, tantrums and a complete meltdown of self confidence later and here it is, so lets hope it goes well.

I’ve had a blog before and it went spectacular……… that is spectacularly wrong. So this is a second chance and I have a few hints a tricks to help me (and possibly my readers) to get through this minefield.

Not only am I going to be telling you little snippets of my life but now and then ill get some photos from my 2 film cameras and projects from my crochet hook and sewing machine.

What’s the dream? well I love making and creating, I am also a lover of coffee and all things quintessential British café like. The dream is simple I want to work for myself, bake, make, serve and create.

I think many of us can say that life lately has knocked the stuffing out of us, me too! but the only way to get on now it to pick ourselves back up dust ourselves off and keep going.



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