Wonderwool love

last weekend I went to the wonderwool wales festival in the cute little village of Bilth Wells.

My mind is blown!!

I not only have my own money for once but I also had to buy bits and bobs for another lady who is just as barmy as me!!

Its a feast every year and this year it did not dosapoint, after buying some so so soft angora wool from big wigs angora I had a drop spinning class (results of that to come) and bought some roving to make your heart stop from the Pembrokeshire alpaca shop.

Then I met the lovely people at toft alpaca.

after becoming a bit star struck at meeting the lady who made the original patterns and naming all the animals she had on the table I got a grip realised I am 26 years old not 6 and bought enough yarn to make 3 more animals!!

needless to say I am going to be busy for a while and have enough ideas to last till next years event!

All you knitters or nutters I  cannot recomend this weekend enough!!

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