Knitted bow tutorial 1 hour project

as you may remember this year is the year I want to post tutorials and how too’s on here and this will be my first and very simple project.

I used to make these a lot for jewellery, hot glue gun and a ring back and you have a seriously cute piece of jewellery that a lot of people comment on!!

it goes well on a badge, neaklace or earing too!


3.25mm needles I used Debbie bliss baby marino but any weight wool wil do just size up your needles according to the guidelines on the wool.

for bow…

cast on 10sts

Knit and purl 42 rows in sttockenett stitch

cast off.

for tie..

cast on 3sts

knit and purl in stockenett stitch for 16 rows.

cast off.


with a tapestry needle sew the short ends of the bow piece together, then do the same with the tie but around the middle of the bow, this gives it its shape.

neaten up the remamning threads and TA DA! your done!! let me know how they turn out on instagram @elephantshankie

good luck


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