Spring time, allotment time!!

so its not actually spring yet but allotment work has started and id like to share last years work as I wasn’t blogging back then.

these are my before and after photos, my progress and some of my produce. this year with the help of my partner we should have a great crap and a lot more opportunity to use it.

the little space I had was an overgrown offcut from my dads and grandfathers plot, they have had it for almost 30 years and now I have a piece of family history I suppose.

if you are looking to do something similar here are my 5 top tips for allotmenteers.

1. be prepared to dig, no the council wont do it for you and some plots are very overgrown so don’t take it on lightly.

2. have a good sturdy pair of shows that your not afraid to get muddy, rain or shine you need to be protected.

3. planting straight into the ground can work but its much easier to plant into trays and transfer the small plants to the ground, also the birds don’t get the seeds that way. a simple plastic green house can be picked up very inexpensively or a sunny windowsill will work too.

4. make sure you know what kind of soil you have, so the plants you grown suit the soil and you don’t have a disappointing and disheartening crop.

5. and lastly grow what you eat no point growing cabages if you hate them, this could really save you money if you think about what you buy regularly and grow accordingly.

have fun!!!!

WP_20140327_004 InstagramCapture_80ac922d-03d8-4842-8032-a10000f4718a_jpg InstagramCapture_7f561b86-a50d-4fb9-a1bc-4593184f72f4_jpg WP_20140414_003 WP_20140611_012 WP_20140611_008 WP_20140611_018 WP_20140611_013 InstagramCapture_fabcad0c-acd9-4443-98c7-6797270f48f6_jpg WP_20140625_007 WP_20140625_010 InstagramCapture_f11053ca-0ba8-4e33-a354-228cf86c3f23_jpg InstagramCapture_839be347-b358-4104-b9af-26547ed998cf_jpg WP_20140706_003 WP_20140706_011 InstagramCapture_412c3412-ae50-4884-afc5-de3d7a66f629_jpg WP_20140706_001 WP_20140706_016 InstagramCapture_cdd781ae-39d5-418f-86ff-2afde467ce48_jpg InstagramCapture_da83febc-c4e1-46cb-90fe-659e8f78bed1_jpg InstagramCapture_d8bbed64-525c-4a81-8225-e7cf27ad7416_jpg


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