Mrs Beetons home management

WP_20150203_002This Christmas my dad was the best dad in the world.

He normally buys all presents on Christmas eve and I love my socks paint brushes and sketch books.

But he also got me this!!!

An original book by Mrs Beeton about how to run your own home.

Everything you could need from hiring your own servants to hosting a picnic (even confirming death in the home doctor section!!!)

Its a little outdated of course but its such a beautiful piece of history.


I love to think about newly married women buying this book, or better being handed down this book from grandparents and setting up home for their family.

I love how Mrs B. knows that women are picking houses, paying bills, managing money and supporting their family in more ways than history teaches us

In todays world women seem to completely shun the housewife image, they make it old fashioned and the idea of being chained to an oven.


but I actualy think that making a home is not an old fashioned idea its just needs to be adapted to todays lifestyles.

I have friends who really hate my opinion, I am not a feminist but I believe that women have a great place to become great people.

and Mrs Beeton is the starting place.


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