5 things I’ve thought

This weeks has been so busy I’m not sure how ive had time to think one thing never mind 5 but I have got a few little musings.

5. Post Christmas exercise, we all know the feeling the jeans are a little tighter and the cakes look a little more tempting.

But my swimming cossie is waiting and Its starting soon, or just as soon as I have a day off work!!

4. I love my new job!!! Its like the old one but better, happier and more what I want to do and I cant wait till the brownie making training!!

3. Looking good and feeling better is very much a theme this year, last year I was stuck with a job that suppressed peoples individuality and personal scent! But I’m off now just have to remember how this mascara stuff works.

2. Crafty time, New job stuff again I know I keep ranting on about it but the shift pattern means I have 4 days off a week!!! Plenty of crafty time for me to get down to making clothes!!

1. Which leads onto my first project…..KNICKERS!!

Come back soon for more updates.


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