Happy new year

Hello again,

Is everyone chrismased out yet?

Well I am almost and thinking of the last year and the year to come. A new and exciting idea and I cant wait to start.

Last time I said my new years resolution would be embrodiery and that is very interesting, but I need new clothes too…..

I am always looking for something to wear and never have anything, the typical girl problem I know.

But with a new job, happy life, and much more time to spend on myself I think a bit of dressing up is in order.

2015 is the year of smelling good (anyone else get a ton of smellies for Christmas?) looking fabulous and generally feeling quite pretty.

So I’m expanding my new years resolution, I’m going to sew!!!

Last year I gave it a go and after one nice top and a disastrous blouse which would have fit my boyfriend better than me I kinda gave up.

I know I’m awful!!

So I’m in it, dedicated and need a new wardrobe…….
skirts first I think!!!

tell me your new years resolution in the comments!!!!


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