5 things I’ve thught

I’m bringing them to you quick and fast now but im just se excited at the moment!!!

And here is why…

I’ve already mentioned I’ve been doing some thinking

5. My job, me and hospitality don’t suit any more and I’ve been seriously thinking about getting my teacher training and being a primary school teacher.

Something creative and wonderful and full of life and a job I could really get into and enjoy.

But I’m torn between this and my business plan which was almost finish and ready….. So many choices!!

4. Knitting and crocheting, I love these two past times and anyone who has ready previous posts will know I’m leaning more towards crocheting, but my knitted decorations are too cute!!

I think its time I carried a project around with me so I can stretch my creative side.

3. Embroidery, in my last post I mentioned brownie and scouts badges, these beautiful objects are completely alien to me so I’m gonna start making some, stay tuned for more of that.

2. Cameras, my dad was a pretty keen photographer back in the day and has now entrusted his film camera with me, an old cannon A1-E.

Its a beautiful old thing and I want to really make the most of it and get some great shots. Not only that but I’ve converted my partner to film photography and he’s getting a pentax version for Christmas.

I see lots of pictures coming your way.

And 1. Like I said I’ve been thinking lots and mainly on huge life changing things like moving cities and getting my socks to match… Ok maby not that last one but the other stuff is pretty scary.

I’ve lived in this little city all my life and as much as I preach excitement I don’t know if I’m really brave enough to go for it.

Has anyone else ever had this cliffhanger moment? On the brink of something great and scared to take the plunge?

Lets share scary stories and stay in bed where its safe lol!!

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