my lost childhood

ok so the name sounds a little extreme I actually had a lovely childhood full of garden birthday parties and frog shaped jelly.

but what I would have loved to have been, was a brownie.

they are the adventurers of our age, the girls guides who bravely go camping in an age where no girl can leave without their straighteners.

And most importantly I want a brownie badge, i currently have a land girls badge which is a treasured possesion but those beautiful embroidered ones with the crocked shapes inside, I want to earn them like all little girls did and wear them with pride.

I think this should be  place in any young girls childhood, to go to brownies and learn to build a tent but unfortunately I am one of the odd ones out and it may just haunt me forever!!

so to adjust to this I have made a Pinterest board of all the badges I would have liked and possibly some a little out of even my reach!! I’m sure there is a crafty project here somewhere so stay tuned.


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