The beginnings of Elephants hankie

Let me tell you a story…..

As I am currently getting a logo designed for my little blog I think its only fair I explain the name in a bit more depth.

Its not a long story but its all about adventure and sewing!!

Are you sitting comfortably?

Good, then i’ll begin…

Once when I had an amazing love of all thing ancient and adventurous, when things were good and life had not yet taken too much spark, I would draw for hours.

One day I drew a hot air balloon with dreams of flying away. You know the kind with cloth and lots of rope and sandbags, and utterly inappropriate camouflage, And most importantly a huge cloth holding the balloon in place over the basket.

I imagined going on am adventure in my balloon with beautiful red checkered pattern.

As with most things my mind will think of 6 different things apparently with no connection to the original thought, very quickly and this is exactly what happened.

From hot air balloons to handkerchiefs and then thinking who is big enough to have a hankie that big!!

And there we have it, from a simple adventurous drawing to trying to imagine how big an elephants hankie would be.\ellyhankie


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