5 things I’ve thought

So here we go again, its been a few weeks but I’ve been thinking lots and thankfully designing!!! Which felt very good


5. My business, its even closer than its ever been, and with good news that’s due to come Friday (sorry but that’s all im alowed to say) my little dream may become a big dream.

And its been a long time coming almost worried it won’t happen.

Elsie’s is the name I think although that may change.

And Cardiff is the goal. Can’t wait!!

4. Christmas!!!!

I’m so excited my presents are almost done, my wrapping is taking some serious thought and my tree is being nagged for, he he he he.

3. Last week I started sewing again, its a really nice feeling, sitting at a table like uni and working at something. I need to think out some more patterns and characters coz once im done with Brenda bunnie I want to make more!!!

2. Hankies, I found a load of beautiful hand sewn hankies in a charity shop by my house 2 days ago and the stitch pattern is extremely kitsch but I have big plans for them!!!

1. Don’t we all want a collection? I used to collect stamps and still have a soft spot for them, but now I want to collect something I enjoy.

I had a think about the traditional choices and found them all a tad expensive and a bit boring.

Then I read about the button tin a beautiful little store/cafe on a pier and its owner who collects ( you’ve guessed it) BUTTONS!!!!

Its such a simple idea and so obvious, and the best part i already have an amazing amount!!!

So im collecting buttons and possibly hankies it only seems right, stay tuned to see what I do with them!!!

Www.facebook.com/elephantshankie blog


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