Knitting in public

“Excuse me, does that hurt?”

I am sitting in the window of a coffee shop sipping a latte and knitting a tiny bobble hat for the innocent big knit project.

When i am approached by a teenager and asked this question, after a quick laugh i realise she is serious.

This is how people see knitting, a mysterious and magical past time like weaving baskets or hitting people with walking sticks untill they have given up their bus seat.

Its such a sad state of affairs that “knit wear” was “in” last year for winter and most people don’t understand what it is they are buying, how much skill is in a garment or the technical element behind every stitch.

I strongly believe it should ne taught at schools like it used to be taught through the generations mother to daughter, heirloom blankets added to and inherited are more frequently being found in charity shops and those aran jumpers are being over thrown for thin factory made fashion pieces.

But with the advances in new techniques and funky new patterns I am hoping and knitting that people will band together and pull knitting and all these crafts back to us.

My daughter when she comes along is deffinatly getting decked out!!

Let me know what you think!!


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