Why every girl should have a best friend

The sewing machine the sewing machine the girls best friend!!

My nan used to sing this when i was little and i believed her.

Never mind diamonds and jewellery the best friend a girl could have is a sewing machine to make her own clothes.

Mine is called sybil and i love her dearly shea wonderfully patient, very good at bouncing back from my verbal abuse and always has enough time to fix everything shes like an extra parent or grandparent. She even puts up with my messy sewing skills and botched jobs.

Let me tell u a story about sybil.

A colleague of mine came to me a while back and said “you do this sewing stuff don’t you?”

She said she had a top which she loved which was broken, a “huge” hole ripped in the back and she was devastated! And then asked me to fix it!


She gave me the top the next day and i gingerly took it home put on my neatest sewing head and fired up the janome, sybil.

After half an hour trying to find the hole i thought she must have given me the wrong top as this one was perfect. Then on the bottom edge, barely visible was this “huge” hole, it was 2 inches or lace frill that had come unstitched.

30cm of cotton and a little back stitching later i was done in 10 mins and she gave me a fiver for it!!

That’s a profit margin of almost 2000% and i cant help thinking that if schools and previous generations had put more value on these skills in times gone by……. Just think how many fivers we would save.


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