The Lost Journal

I have a problem….. Notebooks.

I love then i cant get enough of them i buy a new one and never finish the old one, or i get anoyed when the ideas in one don’t work and i put it away.

I don’t just mean a few notepads… Oh no i means 40 or 50 dotted around the place.

Plain paper, lined paper, sketch ones and writing ones, watercolour, prints, some are cut out some are just covers with scraps of paper i even went though a phase of using old reading books as sketchbooks (which is a really liberating experience trust me!)

So this week i decoded to look through one or two and found last years ideas book.

Its amazing how only last January i was making and creating i was really flowing with ideas.

Life cab really knock the stuffing out of you and the consequences was this book full of ideas shoved in a cupboard to gather dust.

With mainly doll patterns and little musings in it i decided it was time to let it out into the world again.

So i made one of the dolls, a cute little rabbit and im gonna make more and more and when ive made them all……. Ill open another journal!!


2 thoughts on “The Lost Journal

  1. This is such a beautiful doll! I love it. And I love this post – I am the same with notebooks and sketchbooks 🙂 There is nothing like a lovely new notebook. I’m glad to hear I’m not the only one with an addiction to books 🙂


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