Photo of the week


so yesterday was Sunday, and again I have missed a pic of the week. but with very good reason.

I have bought this little beauty and she came today, isn’t she gorgeous!!! and opening it was like unwrapping a present.


its a Lomographe la sardine. she take 35 mm film, yes film!!! and she is the same size as a sardine can.

so this week (my week off) I am going to take a photo a day with this little beauty and then post them all when ive filled the film (24 pics)

so my photo of the week will now be photos of the month!! which I’m actually really excited about, I will have no idea how they will turn out what they will be off and I will probably forget about the first ones by the time I get to the end!!!

so stay tuned this project could be interesting or exciting or both, cant wait

not leaving u empty handed tho, this is my pic of the week my first Vicky sponge in years!!! a triumph I think.



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