Knitting vs crocheting

I’m a knitter…… At least I used to be.
Then this year I made myself a,new years resolution to learn to crochet.

My Nan had always fascinated me with this skill the really relaxing in-Ing and out-Ing of the whole process facinated me.

Unfortunately other than a straight chain I was hopeless.

So armed with a £20 amazon voucher and a pinterest board I was determined to learn, and I did!!

Now I love it so much I do most things in crochet, its so much easier and less fiddly, with knitting you could have hundreds of stitches in the go at once, constantly counting and slipping one off then going back.

Crochet is the way forward for me I feel I’ve even got some yarn booming projects in mind not to mention my Christmas tree (3 words crochet fairy lights!!!)

But I can’t help feeling a little sad for abandoning my old knitting needles. They look so lonely in their jar, I even named some they were good friends and I’ve left them to sulk in a corner.

But if the craft wave has taught us anything its that we must move forward and discover what we are really good at.

Knitting is a beautiful skill which I will always have and teach on to my children and it holds a special place in my life.

But crochet is here to stay!!


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