Make do and mend

I have read alot lately about women making their wardrobe last, buying clothes to last and “make do and mending” the others.

The latest article has made me rrealize you don’t have to dress vintage to have this attitude, no sourcing old dresses or fixing things to fit. I can have this mentality and wear my own clothes.

Its really inspired me to have a go, I think I buy way to many cheap tops for the sake of it and I loved making so much there doesn’t seem to be a downside to this.

I’ve had a cardigan with a hole in it for years which I might just get round to mending!

And I have just completed my second home made top made from a pattern in Lauren Guthrie’s book and couldn’t feel prouder.

So lets banish primark for a month and see how things go, mend alter or throw things I don’t wear and make a thrifty wardrobe im sure past generations of my family would be proud of!!


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