Getting back to happy

Last week was awful! Very awful.

Some people may be able to do 40 hours a week and remain a sane human being but I can’t.

So this week I had 2 glorious days off to start getting back on track I had plans! Plans to make a dress, crochet, print things and even make a logo for this blog.

Plans didn’t go to plan….

Sybil my sewing machine had the wrong tension and then my iron broke in the middle of making my new top.

As you may have guessed I had a slight meltdown, tears, tantrum, loss of confidence and the half made top went flying across the room.

So we went to the pier, we played in the penny arcade, blew bubbles, played with a slinky and went paddling and skimming stones.

Isent that just a lovely sentence.

Thoroughly refreshed I woke up this morning and finished this lovely little top.

Sometimes all you need so to blow some bubbles on the beach.


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