So this is a blog, one of those diary things you hear of and think is only for famous people.

I have one, wether anyone reads it or not is another days problem. For today my problem is trying to live up to other blogs.

My blog heros like dotty angel, Tilly and the buttons and Mollie makes are worlds away from my humble prefab.

But unfortunately I judge myself very harshly and if im going to do something it needs to be perfect or it needs to get out of my life.

Does anyone else have this problem? I want to be perfect at writing a blog, I want to do it with good photos and interesting subjects (like this one I hear u say? Oh you flatter me!)

The task ahead is so overwhelming its scary, how do I interest people how do I keep them coming back? Where do I find the time? And all these magazines instructing how to get a blog going is all well and good.

But how did they do it? Hmmmm


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